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Slippy Bowl now shipping elaborate VR treadmill nobody really wants

A VR treadmill maker is remaining convinced people will want to move in VR by shuffling low-friction shoes in a giant plastic bowl it has emerged. Founder of Slippy Bowl, Gregory Wei said "Slippy Bowl can perfectly simulate what it's like to locomote in VR by moving like an angry Irish dancer on amphetamines. Simply attach the tight fitting harness around your reproductive equipment, lean unnaturally on the frame and you're running in the Meta Vase". "We don't currently support any of the VR games you want to play but the Slippy Bowl comes with Olympic skating fail simulator, Bowl Rider - Battle Royal Edition and Moon Walk Madness". Slippy Bowl VR home user, Bret Special said "The thing's f*cking enormous. Unfortunately I don't have a dedicated VR room so it's now a high-tech water feature in my front garden that I occasionally wash my dog in". The Slippy Bowl VR currently costs 6000 euro-dollars. For the full experience customers are advised to purchase the SWAT costume, people dangle harness, gun controllers, cable management system, spare shoes, crotch powder and a large pillow to cry into when their regrettable decision finally sinks in.

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