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Which ridiculous Magic Sheep terminology will you be using this week?

With Sheep Con out the way we caught up with Magic Sheep's lexicon chef, Neal Steampunkson, to get some tips on how to wield the expanded language of AR like a cyberpunk poet high on edam. Neal said "As we're still trying to work out what I do at Magic Sheep I get lots of time to dream up names for stuff. My personal favorite is Magicverse. Go on say it. Maaagicveerrrse. It's strangely arousing isn't it?" "Even though you may feel a little ridiculous saying this stuff initially just stick with it. Eventually you'll feel like you're part of a secret club that the muggles will never understand". Experienced spatial computing conversationalist, Sophie Landsoap, said "When I put on my lightwear and fire up my lightpack to enter the Magicverse I feel like I'm mastering spatial computing like an eye-brain-light-field architect". "I'm just getting started with MagicalScript on LoominOS. Hopefully i'll soon be talking about human centered AI lifestream social perception sensory field computing". "I have no idea what I just said and I'm fucking loving it!"

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