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CrunchNet confirms Octopus working on a DK2 Mono

In an effort to get your mum's friends into VR, Octopus are rumored to be developing a single eye budget VR headset, the Octopus Reef DK2 Mono. Chief editor at CrunchNet, Max Crabby said "Our source at FaceFace, Bailey the office dog, has confirmed the imminent release of a budget VR headset. It will contain the highest resolution of any single eye headset on the market and will use the same inside-out-upside-down tracking from the Quench. It also comes with unforgettable DK1 classics Pixel Reef, Unreal Coaster and ReefMax Theatre. It is rumored to launch on Thursday for $49".

Bailey the office dog also famously reported to CrunchNet that the reason Brendan Eye Rebay departed Octopus was because of the violent destruction of the Reef 2 lab by a FaceFace tactical squad.

Bailey said "Brendan man sad when they burn his fun lab. He say Reef 2 change world with wireless, many pixels and big view. He not like Mono and say it like poo".

"He say them silly and he off to save PieMax".

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