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Woman in cheap headset with clouds wins big at the Free VR Stock Photo Awards

With the glamorous FVRSP awards in full swing we spoke to the winner of most used free VR stock photo, Woman in cheap headset with clouds. In an exclusive interview she reveals what it's like to be an overused VR image file. 

Woman in cheap headset with clouds said "Being the face of budget VR conferences and VR opinion posts has changed everything. I'm constantly in use on social networks and having the time of my life. Tomorrow I'm featuring on a low impact post about how VR is dead but also not really and possibly an advert for a new AR start-up in India".

"I also get some small jobs appearing in the occasional, hastily prepared, Powerpoint about VR transforming the cheese industry. The gig I really want though is to be a background for a Chinese VR motion chair advert. I hear there's a lot of activity in that area".

"It's not all super fun-times though. I do get the occasional 'WTF you doing walking around outside in VR staring at the sky?' or 'Is there even a phone in that cheap-ass toy headset?' This kind of abuse is difficult to deal with sometimes but nothing a trip to a sunny field with my headset won't fix".

Second prize winner Girl in VR on bike said "I'm mildly happy that Woman in cheap headset with clouds won big tonight. I'll get that sky gazing bitch next year though. I'm also happy to receive the old school classic award but I expected a little more as it hasn't been easy".

"I'm crashing that damn bike on a daily basis".

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