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Beat Saber high-scores now considered a valid skill on LinkedIn

Impressive Beat Saber high scores now have more impact than a high-profile degree or active involvement with respected charity it has emerged. Hiring manager at Spam Cannon Recruit, Dianna Muddle said "We're not really looking for Jo obvious, we're looking for that special someone with the commitment and focus to top the Beat Saber Expert+ leader-boards". Perpetual job seeker and expert block slicer, Max Choppington, said "I'm the kind of person who celebrates every disappointing LinkedIn page view notification like it's Elon Moose peeking at my profile. Interest was starting to drop off so that's when I decided to get serious". "The way of the saber takes a samurai level of dedication. I train rigorously on Reef, Vibe and PeasVR to refine my rapid section swing follow-through and stay next level. My muscle memory is so freaking dialed-in I reenact songs in my sleep. I even sometimes wake myself up, thrashing around like a terrified spider". "Since I added my high-scores my LinkedIn profile went nuclear! I've currently got offers on the table from Microloft, Gargle and FaceFace. Honestly though, with these scores I'm holding out for NASA".

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