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We're not quite sure what the new Vibe Cosmoose is either admits 8TC

At a neon drenched super-tech-fair in Las Vegas, 8TC have announced their 6th oddly confusing VR headset. Vice president of reduced-charisma at 8TC, Brian Suit, said "Today we're announcing the Vibe Cosmoose. A standalone, maybe tethered, neon-bracelet equipped, all-in-3 headset that can be powered by a PC, smart watch or portable sandwich toaster. It probably has a nice screen with some resolution, some field of view and will cost an amount of money. It will be available in the coming days, months or years when we've worked those bits out. Here's a video of the Cosmoose that honestly, even puzzles us". "We've also announced the Vibe Eye, Vibe Nose and Vibe Ears high-end headsets to ensure we have all the human head parts covered. The new headsets now join our existing Vibe, Vibe Pro, Vibe Pro - Citroen C3 Edition and Vibe Focus to complete our new confusing hardware line up. "With departments spread across North America and Taiwan it's impossible to agree a unified hardware vision so we've agreed to just make as much stuff as possible. Our current roadmap is a basically just a combination of what everyone else is doing, Reddit comments and messages we receive from a psychic panda in Taipei.

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