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Build my amazing AR app idea for a tiny percentage? asks deluded dickhead

Deluded dickhead, Chip Gutteridge, has appealed to FaceFace group members guaranteeing to change their lives if they're lucky enough to work on his mind blowing AR app idea it has emerged". Chip said "I can't tell you exactly what the idea is because that would weaken my unique role on the team. I can say it involves social networks, block change, the augmented reality and it will disrupt most of the ecosystem-platforms. My weekend business mentor is convinced this could be the AR of Uber!" "‎I'm mainly looking for hot ladies who can code, design, animate and make the art stuff. You will be paid in a mixture of 9 percent equity, worldwide exposure and the euphoria you will feel when you see my ideas come to life on your screen. This will be the project that skyrockets your career and you'll be able to say 'I was there on day one!' Money just can't buy that!". "I'm uniquely skilled in coming up with genius ideas, pointing at your screen and saying stuff, writing very short business plans and spamming groups on FaceFace with expert marketing engagement solutions". "DM me if you're interested and as soon as we have a demo I'll send it to the Silicon Valley to have it globally scaled".

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