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Moving egg chair is the ultimate way to experience janky VR

Chinese mall ride manufacturer, Skyfun Zhaozu, have re-modeled some old egg shaped chairs into cutting-edge VR motion simulators branded; Plasma Egg Force 9000. The re-purposed 7D motion chair used in conjunction with a free mobile VR flying game, Repetitive Flying Extreme, allows people to fly at a variety of frame rates through the oddly arranged Unity asset store landscape. Users may even get to the end of this 3 minute mind-melting VR experience if it doesn't crash, overheat or drain the phone battery like a rack of flux-capacitors. This delivers a truly memorable 2DoF experience that's littered with cost saving choices and guaranteed to be disturbingly out of sync".

Zhang Wei of FunSky Zhao said "We make ear wind, back poke and leg tickle. Wear VR glasses and then go into the world of the movies to have the most powerful realism sense. Simulator is unique very successful commercial VR product".

"Because you want it I will post many pictures of the Plasma Egg Force 9000 on FaceFace groups".

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