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Mailman recovering after encountering VR enthusiast dressed for full immersion

A mailman is recovering at home after witnessing a VR enthusiast who answered the door encased in immersion enhancing devices. Fully equipped VR pro-enthusiast, Ernie Adopa, said "I was exploring the outer-regions of the dark metaverse when a delivery notification popped up. My freaking prototype PieMax 16k super-wide+ was at the door. I was so damn excited that I kinda forgot where I was. Maybe it wasn't the best idea to run to the door in my VR roller shoes". Recovering mailman, Cliff Possum, said "I've seen some crazy-ass things in my time but nothing prepared me for what emerged out of number 512. A futuristic humanoid came crashing through the door wearing virtual reality goggles, robot gloves, a vibrating vest and glowing backpack, VR roller-shoes and a pungent electronic mouth-mask. He then screamed, propelling vaporous gas at me that smelled of strawberries and welding". "That wasn't the worst of it. When the smoke cleared it revealed something protruding from his crotch area that resembled a pimped-up Mr Fusion. When THAT thing started moving, that's when I passed out".

Ernie adds "It's regretful what happened to Cliff. I feel people need educating to avoid further incidents of unconscious delivery people piling up outside VR enthusiasts front doors. For this reason I've decided to take my equipment on an informative world tour".

[Update 2/30/2019] Ernie has been unavailable for further comment. Reports suggest he's currently being detained by airport security for improper use of immersive equipment on an 11h flight.

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