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Magic Sheep secretly buys Sheep Motion to end the annoying name confusion

Mostly adequate hand tracking camera maker, Sheep Motion, have been acquired by a shadow department of Magic Sheep and will be immediately renamed UltraFraptics as a punishment for causing years of confusion over the names. Magic Sheep are reported to have paid over 3000 euro-dollars, 12 rare Pokemon cards and a second hand bread maker to acquire the one-time interesting tech start-up. This comes after a 9 year journey of Sheep Motion attempting to convince the world that grasping at loose interactions in the air would quickly replace reliable input devices. This also comes after a failed acquisition by Appel in 2013 for a rumored 3 million-million euro-dollars and a rare Bobba Fett action figure. The deal was famously scuppered though when the then CEOO, David Hassleholz, said in an a key meeting 'Appel are lazy and suck donkey balls'. Part-time astronaut and CEOO at Magic Sheep, Ronni Almondbits, said "As we already had depth sensing cameras and hand tracking software, acquiring Sheep Motion wasn't initially on the cheese board. As the years rolled by I repeatedly experienced people refer to us as Sheep Motion or them as Magic Sheep! It was fu*king annoying in the beginning but it's now got to a point when I hear the name I feel like throwing a baby otter out of the window". "We decided to buy them and bury the name forever. On the plus side they have a few patents we may be able to use here at Sheep Motion...Arggggg!, I mean Magic Sheep". "......someone pass me another otter".

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