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8TC fires marketing team and replaces them with a rotating cake display

Creators of the ever confusing line-up of virtual reality headsets, 8TC, have confirmed they've let their entire marketing department go and replaced them with a rotating platform used to display delicious baked goods. Vice president of questionable business strategies at 8TC, Brian Suit said "It's no secret that our marketing team are about as effective as a drunken toddler at a poker tournament. Ahead of the launch of our newest headset, the Vibe Cosmoose, we just couldn't risk more confusion. For this reason we brought in a marketing legend, Swivel Cake Pro 9000". "We've had our eye on the cake turning guy for some time. He's been phenomenally successful in the Parisian luxury cake scene and has consistently dazzled the crowd. You'll agree, the way he slowly builds tension is masterful". Swivel Cake Pro 9000 said "Revealing the updated Vibe Cosmoose on the live-stream was an absolute blast! After the previous marketing teams failed attempt at creating a clear message I knew this was going to be easy. All I had to do was employ my expert rotational skills, reveal the not-at-all-confusing removable face-plate and drop some of my experimental ambient whale song flex-beat". "And don't forget to tune in to my next live stream. I'm planning to, expertly, divert attention from the upcomming Volv Index release by announcing the Cosmoose cable connector while rotating in the opposite direction". 

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