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Giant distorted hands in 360 content to be banned by 2020

The Institute of Immersive Photo and Video have today announced that freakishly distorted giant hands that appear in 360 content are to become illegal by 2020. Representative from the Institute, Richard Boom, said "Discovering a gigantic hand on the stitch-line that looks like it's been chewed up by an angry bison is too much for some viewers. It's also been recently brought to our attention that a 9 year old Danish boy who experienced mangle-hand in 360, immediately developed an irrational fear of hands and is no longer able to play pat-a-cake. For this reason we decided to completely ban this technique and are reviewing a number of others". "We're OK, for now, with the common low-resolution footage of car journey across uninteresting bridges, yet another coastal sunset or walks through crowded marketplaces as onlookers gaze suspiciously at the ball on a stick". "We do have a few 360 content crimes currently under review, ranging from forgetting to remove the tripod, 'videographers' peering into the camera while they check the settings before running back and introduce themselves and unstabilized bumpy footage". "The item that has our attention right now is the guy lurking in the background, pretending to not be there as he operates the camera from his smartphone. That one's just too creepy".

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