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  • Michael Calabraised

New VR website can now auto-generate 100 articles per day

For the first time in history a new VR website, NewsBait VR, has set a record for most clicks in the VR blogging industry. Thanks to a new proprietary software they can now turn a 3 word tweet from an obscure VR community member into a 500 word article. CEO, Erik Juicy, recently stated "Our competitors in the VR news space have depended on press releases and normal sized tweets to produce content. With our proprietary blog manufacturing software we are able to produce significantly more than our competitors. This allows us to produce the most viral content that people love, keep the VR community informed, and encourage people to engage via social media". Fully autonomous editor at NewsBait VR, X9000, said "I am very proud that I don't even need to manually search the truth about what is happening in the VR/AR space via Google and Twitter. Our competitors are jealous. If we post anything inaccurate or wrong, we can let our readers figure that out". "NewsBait VR will now produce a minimum of 100 articles per day, focusing on exciting topics including, Top Ten VR For..., CEO of VR Company said something and New Trailer for Whatever Releases". X9000 adds "There will also be a minimum of ten negative review articles per day in order to keep our journalistic integrity. We also refuse to allow publishers and devs to pay for positive reviews". On a side-note, we also have a studio division where we can produce misleading promo video content, VR/AR installations and host VR/AR events. If you're interested in our studio services please contact".

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