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Beat Saber expert saves picnic from wasp swarm with next-level swatting skills

Beat Saber expert, Logan Thunderball, rescued a kids picnic from a potentially deadly wasp attack with his highly accurate, next-level swatting skills. Logan said "I was taking my monthly stroll in the local park with my friend Todd when we heard dramatic screaming coming from the picnic tables. Through the balloons and poorly erected bunting we realized there was a full-on wasp attack in progress". "I instinctively grabbed a couple of sticks and started swatting. I could almost hear the waspy beats in my mind as I crushed endless waves of those angry little fellas. I actually started to enjoy it and even found time to pull off some elaborate pirouettes". "I never knew the long nights of grinding expert+ would come in handy one day. Some of my friends tell me that I'm wasting my life playing Beat Saber and I should focus on more important activities like study or building a tiny house. They've been oddly quiet about that recently now I'm a practically a local hero". Logan's friend Todd adds "Logan's a wasp battling legend for sure. When I realized what he was doing I tried to help out. As I'm more an Audica player I pretended to shoot the wasps with my invisible techno pistols. I think I just made them angrier". "On a positive note my face is slowly returning to its original size".


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