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8TC Vibe pivot to providing headphone straps for rival headsets

Makers of the wildly unsuccessful Vibe Cosmoose headset, 8TC, have decided to focus future efforts on providing audio head-strap accessories for rival headsets, it has emerged. Vice president of questionable pricing strategy at 8TC, Brian Suit, said "We're not quite sure what happened with the Cosmoose. Everything was in place to guarantee success. We even doubled our customer support team by hiring one more person to cope with the increased activity". "We had the tracking mostly working, the controller batteries were lasting over two hours, the flip-up design was at the right wobblyness and letting in a nice amount of light. Even our office dog, Bodger, was making sure all the games worked properly for launch. Literally, everything was in place to position the Cosmoose as an attractive alternative to buying a couple of Rift-S's!". "Around the launch we noticed something oddly revealing. No-one was really buying the Cosmoose and sales of our headphone upgrade, the Deluxe-Auto-Strap-On, were going through the roof! Something to do with the Frankenstein mod. Whatever the f**k that is?" "Because of the recent Frankenstein craze, it's now our primary source of revenue. We're now planning a range of Deluxe-Auto-Strap-Ons in a variety of monster themes". "Can't wait to see what our turntable equipped marketing department does with those!"


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