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VR developer finally gives up trying to explain his job to his parents

After multiple failed attempts to explain his job successfully to his family, an experienced virtual reality game developer has permanently abandoned future attempts, it has emerged. UX designer and tools programmer at Exploding Breakfast, Dexter Special, said "It's always been my mission to have my parents understand what I do and get why I'm so freaking excited about it. I planned my last explanation for weeks, prior to a family visit, using post-it clouds, illegal PowerPoint techniques and advanced flex-agile methodology. This time was going to be different!" "First, I had them try some expertly crafted VR starter experiences like Google Earth, First Contact and Resident Evil 7. They'd eventually ask 'So what bit do you do then?' "I'd usually get through the concept of a team making software that makes stuff appear in the headset pretty successfully. Explaining the concept of artists and animators making the visual stuff and sound designers the sounds would go OK-ish. When I got to programming and game design it would all fall apart like Blockbusters and they'd glaze over like Lebowski. "An eerie, awkward silence would always descend, followed by comments like 'So you own the company that makes the goggles?' or 'Do you make the shows that go on the face television?' "For this reason I've decided to abandon this torturous quest for good and make peace with the idea they'll never, even slightly, comprehend what I do". Adorable mom, Amanda Special said "Awww, I'm sure he'll grow out of this electric helmet hobby and get a real job soon".


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