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Children successfully take control of Rek Room, declaring independence from the Metaverse

Social VR app developers, Against Gravy, have today announced they've completely lost control of Rek Room to a massive group of unsavory children who are now demanding independence from the Metaverse, it has emerged. CEOO at Against Gravy, Nick Flat, said "We worried this would happen but never thought it would go full on Lord of the Flies. We tried tempting them out with some PSN store vouchers and custom Fortnite skins but they just swore at least I think it was swearing, I couldn't understand most of it. We even sent in some highly educated old people in an attempt to repel them with political discussion and classical music. They later emerged pretty shaken and are now in therapy". Self-proclaimed under age virtual revolutionist, Lit-Tim4080, said "You largies are just tourists in our house now. You're welcome to visit with your limited understanding of illegal swears and substandard gaming skills, that is, if you got enough energy after working all day in that job you hate, you smudge-kettles. We also found out the makers of Rek Room got big euro-dollars to keep making it so if they give us that we might.. [Voice in background] "Bed Timothy! You either turn it off NOW or I'm selling that stupid electric helmet". Reports are now coming in that hundreds of Rek Room refugees have fled to VR Chatz, some unfortunately getting lost on the way and ending up in Sanzar".


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