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VR, AR, MR, XR, VCR & RV. Which is better?

So you're ready to spend some of your hard earned euro-dollars on some immersive futuristic entertainment technology. What should you buy? Let's break it down like 80's hip-hop. VR, or 'Visual Reality' as it's also know is a plastic box that you strap to your head that contains electronic dream windows. This allows you to watch roller coaster 460 movies, shoot stuff with a floating gun, be in a spaceship disaster or take a walk through an abandoned orphanage while being stalked by your darkest fears. AR, or 'All-mended Reality' as it's commonly known is a technology that allows you to point your Windroid phone at stuff and see badly animated 3D T-Rex's appear... sometimes. You can also create dog selfies, display your inbox on the nearest wall or catch cartoon beavers in the local park. MR or 'Misunderstood Reality' is an expensive technique for making tables look more awesome. Using a Microloft HelloLens or Magic Sheep Dreamhat the user is able to turn any dimly lit table into a magic entertainment table of infinite possibilities. XR or 'Extra Reality' as it was known in the 60"s is an extra bit of reality that can be conveniently added to either your visual, all-mended or misunderstood realities. VCR, known as 'Visual Cassette Recorder' is a device that allows you to watch incomprehensibly low-quality pornography by inserting plastic boxes the size of large books into it. RV or 'Recreational Vehicle' as they're known in America are micro-apartments on wheels that are fun to borrow but not to live in.


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