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VR is probably shit claims bored tech journalist

VR is maybe dead and possibly also shit it has been revealed. Chief editor of CrunchNet; Max Crabby said "So FaceFace buys Octopus Reef for 3 million-billion. Then Gargle, Sonny, Sandsong and 8TC Vibe release their own high-end immersion goggles. And don't forget mind control device makers; Magic Sheep receiving 5 million-billion for smoking cheese and being mysterious!' 'The hype around VR is getting hotter than a bomb going off inside a meteor entering the atmosphere. For this reason, future gazers; Albert's data shop and sandwich bar have valued the global VR/AR/VCR industry to be worth more than San Francisco by next weekend". "Newly released sales figures reveal a different picture. Major immersion goggle makers have collectively sold less than the Microloft Zoon and the immersive immersion industry is projected to be worth less than Oakland by Christmas 2072". "Also you can't ignore the recent news reports of people leaping at their televisions, vomiting onto their cat and punching their mum in the face all while playing VR games". "And let's not forget Microloft Kineckt and 4DTV were shit and they're exactly like VR so VR is probably shit also".

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