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Man torn between using his toy VR headset or doing something he might actually enjoy

After purchasing a budget VR headset from the local toy store and trying some free apps, Earnest Soup is struggling with the idea of ever using it again. Earnest said "I'd read online that VR was possibly awesome and saw the Ready Mayor One trailer so I was freaking out at the idea of visiting the Meta Vase and living out my wildest dreams. In a moment of blinding enthusiasm I bought a 12 euro-dollar headset, ran home and crammed in my old Windroid phone like an excited 10 year old".

"The zombie roller coaster fishing game I tried stuttered like an amateur break dancer but to its credit was occasionally terrifying. The virtual chat cafe one contained a teleporting sexual deviant and the psychedelic meditation one induced a sensation that was both pleasant and mildly nausiating. I also tried some 460 travel videos and it was actually like being there. Well, maybe if I were a little drunk, lost my glasses and had no body". "I do find the idea of using it again tonight oddly compelling but my other options do include cleaning out my man bag or frying some onions". "You can see why I'm a little conflicted right now".

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